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Why finding your brand’s purpose builds resilience

A brand that doesn’t have values embedded into every part of its business can’t survive in today’s market. Brands like Patagonia continue to stand out and thrive because their purpose drives decision making, product development and how they connect with their employees and audience.

Last year, McKinsey & Co released a framework for how to embed purpose in organisations. However, a superficial approach doesn’t work. It needs to be real otherwise your customers and employees will see that there’s no real heart to your business. Whatever your industry, you need to think about your brand values and your reason for existing. We spoke to industry marketing expertsStudio Luxmore about how to embed purpose into your organisation as well as communicate it.

Work with your employees

Listen to your employees and what they want from your company. A company that empathises and understands what its employees wellbeing can ensure that its own values are aligned. Employees are also the best spokespeople for a company. If they love what they’re doing and what the company stands for, they will tell everyone. But don’t force it! Promoting the company though personal channels can never be a requirement.

Ensure diversity on your board

Diversity is not just a buzzword. Ensuring you have equal representation and a mix of people from all backgrounds and lifestyles on your board will make your business stronger and more resilient. You’ll be able to make better decisions, be ahead of market trends and, most importantly, be demonstrating your values from the inside out.

Always be authentic

Never say your organisation has a value that it doesn’t. Always focus on what your company believes in, and make sure it’s true. Authenticity is required whatever market you operate in.

Your clients and suppliers

Who you choose to work with says a lot about your organisation. You cannot say you have green credentials if you work with polluting clients or suppliers. Choose your clients and suppliers carefully to ensure your values are aligned.

Talk about it

Be open about what your organisation values. Inspire conversations with your employees, clients and customers about your organisations’ values. Knowing what your organisation really values makes it easy to talk about, and therefore market. Marketing is about building relationships, and as anyone knows, any good relationship needs to be based on truth and trust.