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Small print to look out for when choosing camera / photography insurance

Unfortunately every insurer is different and as result you can often get caught out by a policy that has exclusions or requires certain conditions before a claim is made.

Here are a few important endorsements (small print) to look out for when buying insurance:

Unattended vehicles exclusion

This excludes theft from your vehicles if left unattended, even temporarily. If it’s common for you to leave your cameras unattended in your vehicle, you should be aware of the cover provided under your policy.

Forcible and violent entry

This effectively restricts cover unless there is physical evidence of entry or exit to your property, i.e. smashed window by thieves to gain entry. Look for “full theft cover” which is far broader.

Care, custody and control

This restricts cover unless your camera is with you whilst outside your home/business address. It gives insurers a chance to wriggle out of claims unless you can prove the camera is in your care at all times!

Equipment case or professional packing

This is another endorsement that insurers use to their advantage. Insurers can refuse to pay a claim for damage whilst your camera is in transit, for example in the back of your car, unless you can prove your camera was contained in an equipment case of adequate protection or professionally packaged.

It’s important to highlight that many insurers may refuse to alter the exclusions above, but nonetheless being aware of these exclusions should help encourage you to be extra careful with your cameras. To find out more or get help choosing camera/photography insurance, please give us a call on 01206 765580 or email matt@whinneyinsurance.co.uk.