Insurance that protects your reputation if things go wrong.

The below packages have been designed for PR consultants with an income of less than £100,000. Just click on the package that best suits your needs.


£22 per month*

£250,000 Professional Indemnity
£1m Public Liability


£28 per month*

£1m Professional Indemnity
£1m Public Liability
£10m Employers’ Liability


£35 per month*

£1m Professional Indemnity
£2m Public Liability
£10m Employers’ Liability
£10,000 Office Contents

*All premiums are inclusive of insurance premium tax and apply only if you can comply with the statement of fact (shown when you click apply now).

PR Consultants Insurance
Our public relations insurance is tailored to meet your needs as public relations consultants. At competitive prices, we only use specialist insurers that understand the PR industry and have designed policies to meet your requirements.

PR Consultants Professional Indemnity
How would you react if a client alleged that your advice was incorrect and caused them a financial loss?
And what if the client threatened legal proceeding?
The bad news is that claims of this nature are on the rise! The good news is that you can protect your business from such problems with a decent PR consultant’s professional indemnity insurance policy.

PR Consultants Professional indemnity – what does it cover?
PR Consultants professional indemnity insurance provides cover for “professions”, those whom provide specialist advice, designs, plans or recommendations. It protects you against the cost of compensation to clients if your professional advice has causes them to lose money. Professional indemnity insurance is often a contractual requirement for PR Consultants, so check your contracts.

Public Liability for PR Consultants
PR consultant’s public liability, covers claims against you or your business from third parties for bodily injury and property damage as a result of your business activities. I.e. if someone trips over your laptop lead whilst you are working at a client’s premises

Employers’ Liability PR consultants
PR consultant’s employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of compensation if an employee of your business is injured or becomes ill as a direct result of the work they undertake for your business. If your business has any employees you are required to hold an employers’ liability insurance policy by law.

PR consultants business insurance
We can also cover your office or any of the equipment that you use as a PR Consultants.

Need insurance PR consultants insurance? Just give us a call. We are a friendly and professional bunch. But most importantly we know a lot about PR consultants insurance.

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