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Protecting your reputation as a photographer – how insurance can help

As a photographer your reputation is critical.

There are two insurance covers we suggest to help you protect your reputation:

1. Professional indemnity insurance for photographers

This covers you for any mistakes and protects you when clients allege that you haven’t done a good job. You might think it will never happen but it does. A photographer’s professional indemnity policy will cover anything from the costs of replacing accidentally deleted client photos or re-shoot costs if your shoots were not as required by the client. Professional indemnity provides:

  • Compensation to your client, in circumstances where you are liable due to professional negligence
  • Defence costs, to defend you against un-justified allegations

So, why does this help protect your reputation as a photographer?

There’s nothing worse than (in the unlikely event something does go wrong) attempting to handle this matter yourself. If you are insured with reputable insurers, their claims handlers and solicitors are expert in these situations, and may be able make the problem disappear without any fuss. More time for you to do what you love . . photography

2. Public liability insurance for photographers

Public or General Liability, covers claims against you or your business from third parties for bodily injury and property damage as a result of your business activities. I.e. if someone trips over your tripod and injures themselves. Public liability insurance is important for photographers as you are constantly away from your own premises, increasing the chance of causing bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Again, if the worst happens you want professionals handling the matter in order to ensure it’s dealt with in the correct matter and resolved quickly.