Professional Indemnity Insurance for Videographers

The below packages have been designed for Videographers with an income of less than £100,000. Just click on the package that best suits your needs.


£9 per month*

£100k Professional Indemnity
£25k Crisis Containment


£13 per month*

£250k Professional Indemnity
£25k Crisis Containment

*All premiums are inclusive of insurance premium tax and apply only if you can comply with the statement of fact (shown when you click apply now).

Professional Indemnity Insurance for videographers

As a photographer your reputation is critical.

Professional Indemnity covers your mistakes and protects you when clients allege that you haven’t done a good job. You might think it will never happen but it does. A videographers professional indemnity policy will cover anything from the costs of replacing accidentally deleted client photos or re-shoot costs if your shoots were not as required by the client.

Importantly professional indemnity provides both

  • compensation to your client, in circumstances where you are liable due to professional negligence, and
  • defence costs, to defend you against un-justified allegations

So, why does this help protect your reputation as a videographer. There’s nothing worse than (in the unlikely event something does go wrong) attempting to handle this matter yourself. If you are insured with a reputable insurers, their claims handlers and solicitors are expert in these situations, and may be able make the problem disappear without any fuss. More time for you to do what you love . . photography

The importance of the right insurer
We won’t make comment on any insurance companies here, but we will advise you that the claims service between the various camera insurers will be different. Do your homework on the insurance company you choose, and don’t be tempted to always opt for the cheapest, you may pay the price at a later date.

In the event your cameras are damaged or stolen you need an insurer whom will be able support you in your time of need. You want an insurance company that will:

  • pay your claim quickly
  • not look to find any way possible to avoid the claim
  • support you, especially as your equipment may be difficult to replace

An insurance company’s willingness to pay your claim quickly is critical. If your camera is damaged this weekend, you probably need a replacement within a week, if not sooner!

What other insurance should videographers consider?
We also offers videographers packages to cover your cameras, photography equipment, studio, public liability and re-shoot costs click here for more details.


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