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Professional Indemnity for IFAs

At Whinney Insurance, we organise policies for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) but we also handle any claims; helping you every step of the way.

At Whinney Insurance, we work with a number of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) mainly through our partnerships with compliance consultancies. 

As you probably know, there is a limited number of insurers who insure IFAs at the moment. 

Wherever possible, we work with insurers that have been serving the market for a very long time and that we know will be insuring IFAs for years to come. We always avoid placing Professional Indemnity insurance for IFAs with insurers that operate overseas. We have little faith that those are long term viable solutions and therefore we encourage our clients to work with UK based insurers wherever possible. Our entire approach with our IFA clients is to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships for our clients and insurers. In many cases our preferred underwriters will meet our clients in person. 

Why should Independent Financial Advisors Insure through Whinney Insurance Brokers?

As well as organising the policy, we also handle the claim. So should the worst happen and you needed to make a claim we would assist with the presentation of that claim to the insurer. 

This is in contrast to some of our competitors, who state in their policy documents that if you were to have a claim you need to write to the insurer. The reality is that if you were to receive a complaint from a client you would want to discuss it with someone in person and run through the details, rather than writing detailed information about the complaint to the insurer. That is a huge point of difference and where we pride ourselves on providing the best, personal customer service possible. Simply put, we help you every step of the way. 

If you are an Independent Financial Advisor and would like to discuss your requirements, Whinney Insurance Brokers would love to help. Please contact our office on 020 8659 5038 or email info@whinneyinsurance.co.uk.