A copyright claim, comparative advertising statue or a breach of an image licence. These are unique professional risks faced by advertising agencies.

As an advertising agency you need professional indemnity insurance which will cover these risks. Not just a general insurance package, but a specialist insurance policy which is designed for your business.

At Whinney Insurance Brokers we not only specialise in professional indemnity insurance for advertising agencies, but can also provide advice on how to prevent things going wrong in the first place.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Advertising Agencies: Why are the risks you face as advertising agencies different?

Rather than one off jobs for clients, you are often engaged in long term relationships. Working on a brand over a sustained period of time. If there is a mishap, the client relationship is king. The cover we provide, isn’t just about defending you against claims from clients or third parties. It’s the opposite. Finding ways to resolve a problem without an expensive legal fight. Minimising the impact on your client and hopefully retaining the client relationship going forward. Sometimes you spot problems just in time. If you have helped a client run a campaign and you have realised you have used the wrong logo or colour. The insurance we provide includes rectification costs cover. i.e. “we will pay any reasonable and necessary costs to rectify that error”.

You might be surprised, but many professional indemnity insurance policies for advertising agencies on the market will not cover your key risks. Risks such as; breach of licence, unintentional breach of a written contract or cover for your websites content, are all too often not covered. Insurance wordings are complicated. We can help you understand the small print and point out if insurance is missing things we would expect covered. We can then rectify gaps in cover should you require.

If you need any help reviewing your insurance please call us now. We don’t charge a thing for a consultation, or if you just want some advice we are always happy to help.

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    We can arrange insurance for advertising agencies that undertake work in any of the following areas: 

    • advertising 
    • creation of content for TV/cinema advertisements
    • creation of content for print press/poster advertisements
    • social media consultancy
    • digital marketing
    • consultants in marketing, branding and corporate ID
    • sales promotion
    • direct marketing
    • graphic designers
    • market research
    • public relations
    • telemarketing
    • media buying
    • multimedia consultancy
    • database management and list broking
    • commercial film producers