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Insuring your drone and protecting your business

f you’re a photographer or videographer that uses drones, you’ll need to be aware that they aren’t covered by general insurance. You will need a bespoke policy and there are a few areas to consider.

Cover to consider for your drone:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft & disappearance

Liability cover to consider:

  • Accidental damage caused to property
  • Injury caused to another person
  • Legal costs incurred as a result of damage or injury
  • Public liability (covers you against the cost of claims made by members of the public)

Also, carefully consider privacy implications. A generic professional indemnity policy is unlikely to cover you if claims are made against you relating to a breach of privacy and confidentiality. We can obtain professional indemnity insurance that extends to cover privacy claims relating to the use of drones.

We already help a number of photographers and videographers to source drone insurance, if you’d like to find out more please get in contact.