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How Whinney Insurance Brokers saved my Digital Marketing Bacon

Digital Marketing is a complicated discipline involving a whole plethora of different services that are constantly changing. And that’s why it can be difficult to get the right business insurance cover.

I discovered this very early on when I used a Google search for business insurance to choose my first provider. Someone called me from a call centre and sent me a quote based on me telling them that I did web design and social media. 

Digital Marketing is NOT I.T.

Sadly, it became apparent that I had actually been insured for the wrong thing – I.T. rather than Marketing.

For the record: 

All three require different types of specialist indemnity based on the different risks involved.

When I received the paperwork for my renewal, I realised the mistake and spoke to the call centre. I was assured that it didn’t matter if my schedule and policy did not list any of the services that I actually offered. Apparently, they had a verbal arrangement with the Underwriter that I was covered. Errr…. I don’t think that counts!

Fortunately, I knew a little bit more by then and so moved my business to another broker who got me insured for the Marketing services that I needed.

After a couple of years, the cost of the premium seemed to go up steeply so I decided to shop around for another provider. A new broker offered to work with me to get a better deal. This turned out to be a huge mistake as marketing/media was not their specialty. Again, I ended up with IT paperwork and, worse, it was through an underwriter that I had never heard of. 

A series of horrendous mistakes and delays saw me facing the unthinkable possibility of being uninsured as my renewal date was only hours away 

I had completely lost faith in the insurance industry and was in a state of complete despair.

The benefits of using a specialist marketing/media broker

Then a networking friend recommended that I give Matt at Whinney Insurance Brokers a call.  Matt understood exactly what I needed and immediately sprang into action. 

Because he specialises in insurance for marketing and media companies, he was quickly able to organise the specific cover that I needed as a digital marketing agency and fast track through the necessary paperwork.

Better still, he was also able to get me directors & officers, cyber and office contents cover… all for less than the price that I was originally quoted for renewing on just public liability, professional indemnity and employers liability. And with an underwriter who is a household name.

Matt is friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly calm. In an industry that is constantly changing, he is always at the end of the phone or by email to give advice about what my policy will cover or any potential for liability. 

His experience and expertise means the insurance is one thing this business owner doesn’t have to stress about.

With Many Thanks

Jo Shaer

Lollipop Local


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