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Insurance for Fintech Companies

While the fintech sector is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing sectors in the UK, it’s also the most at risk. With no fintech company the same, insurance can often be complicated and highly sensitive. Investors may also appoint insurance professionals to audit the insurance cover of fintech startups before investing, or refuse to fund or delay the release of investment funds until insurance is in order. In addition to the traditional software and hardware related risks, such as software failures, server downtime and cyber threats, fintech companies face other unique risks including the additional complexity of regulatory risks by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We’re experts in fintech insurance

Whinney Insurance is one of the few brokers with the necessary experience and expertise required to advise fintech companies on their insurance requirements. With over a decade of working with financial and software companies, and with over 100 regulated financial services businesses as clients, we understand the complexities of the industry. We also recognise that experience and continuity are incredibly important, particularly when it comes to complex and sensitive insurance matters. Working closely with insurers and recommended by FCA compliance advisors who have been servicing and advising Financial Services businesses and firms for many years, we offer competitive insurance packages with comprehensive protection not available anywhere else.

Always personal, always bespoke

As a privately owned broker with a small and dedicated multi-disciplined and experienced team of advisors, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. Whether you’re getting a quote or making a claim, your insurance will always be handled personally by an expert member of our team.

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