Cyber Insurance for your business

The ICO can now fine businesses up to £500,000 as a result of breaches of the Data Protection Act

The UK Government estimated that 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber breach in 2014*. Very few of those companies have a cyber insurance policy in place to protect them. The average cost of a cyber-security breach for SMEs in the UK is between £65,000 and £115,000*. From as little £19 per month we can arrange insurance that will protect your business.

If you think the following points apply to your business then we strongly recommend you consider a cyber-policy:

•Your business is heavily reliant on your IT systems and websites
•Your business holds sensitive, confidential or personal information
•Your business processes or hold payment card and banking information

We understand that it’s not just about insurance, but also preventing problems happening in the first place. Businesses of all sizes are upgrading their IT equipment on a regular basis, including phones, tablets, PCs & servers.

But what happens to the data stored on the old end of life equipment?

It is your responsibility to ensure that any data you have stored on old systems, hard drives or any other storage media is erased by wiping or mechanically destroyed. Do not be caught out thinking that formatting or factory resets erase your data, they do not…

To complement our the cyber insurance we provide our clients, we have partnered with Secure ITAD Services Limited. Click here for details of our partnership

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