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What is Cyber Insurance?

Cybercrime and disruption can impact all businesses, causing financial and reputational damage. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in cyberattacks against companies of all types and system failures, amplified by the shift to remote working and online demand. While businesses can build up their resilience to threats, by investing in cybersecurity and educating staff on good remote-working and cyber hygiene practices, some businesses systems will still, unfortunately, be breached. Businesses, particularly at risk, include those heavily reliant on IT systems and websites, those that hold sensitive, confidential or personal information or if you process or hold payment card and banking information

We’re experts in cyber insurance

Very few insurance brokers understand the industry as well as we do. For over a decade we have specialised in insuring and advising finance, technology and media companies about their risk. As specialists in IT and tech insurance, we also understand the risks of cyberattacks and what you need to support and protect your business in case of a data breach or an attack by malware or hackers. Working closely with insurers, and insuring all businesses types from self-employed to high-value FTSE companies and Family Offices, we offer insurance packages with comprehensive protection not available anywhere else.

Cyber insurance covers

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