If your client claims your copy isn’t selling. We’ve got you covered.

The below packages have been designed for Copywriters with an income of less than £100,000. Just click on the package that best suits your needs.


£22 per month*

£250,000 Professional Indemnity
£1m Public Liability


£28 per month*

£1m Professional Indemnity
£1m Public Liability
£10m Employers’ Liability


£35 per month*

£1m Professional Indemnity
£2m Public Liability
£10m Employers’ Liability
£10,000 Office Contents

*All premiums are inclusive of insurance premium tax and apply only if you can comply with the statement of fact (shown when you click apply now).

Copywriters; experts in the English language and art of persuasion. You write to sell, but what if your copy doesn’t sell? Or what if you make an embarrassing grammatical error or even a spelling mistake?
Unlikely isn’t it? If you do, you could be liable for £000’s in compensation to a client.

Mistakes like these are known as professional negligence. You can protect yourself against claims for compensation as a copywriter by purchasing a professional indemnity insurance policy.
But it costs a few hundred pounds, so is it worth it? That’s up to you, but here are a few things to help you decide…

– Peace of mind – you may receive a letter from a client’s solicitors demanding compensation of £000’s. What would you do? I’d panic. Your copywriting is a very high standard, but you would still need to respond to a complaint. A professional indemnity policy takes that worry away.

– Your contractual requirements – your contracts will often make it compulsory for you to hold professional indemnity insurance, public liability and employers’ liability. You need to ensure you meet these requirements.

– Securing work – holding adequate levels of all the above insurance, demonstrates that you are a professional copywriter.

– Time and cost – dealing with complaints is extremely time consuming. Let your insurers do what they are best at. So you can continue with what you are best at to avoid interruptions to your business. Solicitors and legal fees can also stack up very quickly, should you be required to defend yourself against an allegation of negligence.

Whether you have a professional indemnity insurance policy or not, here are a few risk management tips to prevent things going wrong:

Risk management tips for copywriters:

– Specifications or statement of work: document timescales for work, client requirements and any changes to deadlines. Share this document with your client. This will help to manage expectations.
– Websites and search engine optimisation. If you’re working on website copy SEO is often critical to its success. Keywords and copywriting need to work hand in hand. Be sure that your statement of work makes it clear the SEO is your clients responsibility (unless you specifically wish to advise on SEO)
– Get your clients to sign off at every stage. If you’re being employed to improve the copywriting of a brochure or website that has already been created by your client, ensure that the client signs off on the content. You don’t want to be involved in a dispute if an employee of your client has plagiarised the content of a competitor.
– Employees. If you employ any staff, make sure they are clear on all of the above and supervise their work where you feel necessary.
– If you’re busy, you may pass your work on to business associates. You should have a contract between you and your sub-contractor, even if you have a very close working relationship. If you don’t, as a minimum ensure a written agreement or statement of work is in place. For ultimate protection insist your sub-contractors hold professional indemnity.

What other insurance should a copywriter consider?

Public liability for copywriters
Also know as General Liability, this covers claims against you or your business from third parties for bodily injury and property damage as a result of your business activities. For example, someone trips over your laptop lead whilst you are working at a client premises
Employers liability for copywriters
Employer’s liability insurance covers the cost of compensation if an employee of your business is injured or becomes ill as a result of the work they undertake for your business. If your business has any employees you are required to hold an employers liability insurance policy by law
Office insurance and business interruption for copywriters
This covers your business property including the contents of your office and may extend to cover your portable equipment, such as damage to laptops and tablets.
Business interruption covers the loss of income and/or additional expenditure whilst your business is out of action as a result of damage to your business property

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