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Copywriters Insurance: What if your copy doesn’t sell?

Copywriters; experts in the English language and art of persuasion. You write to sell, but what if your copy doesn’t sell? Or what if you make an embarrassing grammatical error or even a spelling mistake? If you do, you could be liable for £000’s in compensation to a client.

Mistakes like these are known as professional negligence. You can protect yourself against claims for compensation as a copywriter by purchasing a professional indemnity insurance policy.

But it costs a few hundred pounds, so is it worth it? That’s up to you, but here are a few things to help you decide…

  • Peace of mind – you may receive a letter from a client’s solicitors demanding compensation of £000’s. What would you do? I’d panic. Your copywriting is a very high standard, but you would still need to respond to a complaint. A professional indemnity policy takes that worry away.
  • Your contractual requirements – your contracts will often make it compulsory for you to hold professional indemnity insurance, public liability and employers’ liability. You need to ensure you meet these requirements.
  • Securing work – holding adequate levels of all the above insurance, demonstrates that you are a professional copywriter.
  • Time and cost – dealing with complaints is extremely time consuming. Let your insurers do what they are best at. So you can continue with what you are best at to avoid interruptions to your business. Solicitors and legal fees can also stack up very quickly, should you be required to defend yourself against an allegation of negligence.

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Matthew Whinney