Private Medical Insurance in Partnership with SMP Healthcare


For Private Medical Insurance we recommend the services of SMP Healthcare Ltd. SMP Healthcare Ltd was formed in January 2014 with the sole intention of providing the public and business community alike with a way of obtaining Private Medical Insurance on an independent basis. With a sound knowledge of the market SMP Healthcare Ltd have proved to its clients that the health insurance market does not have to be costly and confusing.

There is no such thing as a standard health insurance product and SMP Healthcare work closely with its clients, taking detailed information from them to make sure they get it right every time. SMP Healthcare Ltd have provided its clients with significant savings in cost without losing any benefits or cover which makes SMP Healthcare Ltd an invaluable part of their renewal process.

SMP Healthcare Ltd do not charge their clients for any aspect of the service that we provide. SMP Healthcare Ltd receive payment from the insurer at the start or renewal of a policy. The commission rate is set by each individual insurer and SMP Healthcare Ltd are happy to provide confirmation of rates to any client who would like to have this information. The commission does not affect the premium paid by our clients for their health insurance.