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What does professional indemnity for broadcasting companies cover?

  • As with other media companies, professional indemnity insurance for broadcasters primarily concerns “your content”, particularly libel and slander. The biggest mistake is assuming that a claim will never happen.
  • Broadcasters run a particular risk when it comes to defamation. It’s quite easy to unintentionally defame an individual or an organisation.
  • Unfortunately there is an increasing claims culture, where are individuals happy to sue if their reputation has been tarnished (or there is a perception that is the case). Whether your TV or Radio, live or delayed broadcast, the risk of defamation remains. Slip ups are easy to foresee when broadcasting live, but equally editors and producers can quite easy overlook or misinterpret content that could also lead to allegations of slander. Professional indemnity insurance will cover this risk.

How is the premium for Broadcasters Insurance calculated?

  • Insurers make a number of assessments, taking into account the number of listeners/viewers and the nature of your content. With the world of digital, things can go viral quickly, making the exposure even more difficult to assess.
  • For any help or advice regarding insurance for broadcasters please contact us at anytime.

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