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What is Fintech Insurance?

Fintech companies have often struggled to obtain tailored insurance for their business due to difficulties for both insurers and owners to easily categories their business. Questions can include: Are we a finance company or are we a software company? Is a technology insurance product right for us? As a fintech company, are there regulatory requirements we need to meet through our insurance cover? Is a financial institution cover more appropriate? While insurers are slowly developing insurance products tailored for fintech companies, there can still be issues getting the right cover as very few fintech businesses have the same requirements, with a bespoke option often required. As fintech insurance specialists, we can advise you on your risks, ensuring comprehensive cover for the business and management team.

We’re experts in fintech insurance

Very few insurance brokers understand the industry as well as we do. For over a decade we have specialised in insuring and advising finance, technology and media companies about their risk. As specialists in IT and tech insurance, we understand the risks of consultants and businesses, and what you need to support and protect your business in case of a professional liability claim. Working closely with insurers, and insuring all businesses types from self-employed to high-value FTSE companies. We offer insurance packages with comprehensive protection not available anywhere else. We are proud to have supported a number of Fintech businesses from birth to sale.

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